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Forgotten Kings
About Forgotten Kings
<Forgotten Kings>

We are an all round ( PvE / PvP ) top end guild.
Throughout the week we host 3 or 4 raid nights and 1 or 2 official rbg nights.

Raid Schedule: Tues, Wed,Thurs 6:30 - 10:30 PM Server time.
(with the occasional weekend pickup)

Currently we have defeated Garrosh and are now pushing Heroics!

We also sell PvE Carries:
Heroic MSV (Delver of the Vaults) - 50k
Heroic Sha of Fear (the fearless title) - 50k
Regular Throne of Thunder - 50k
Heroic Throne of Thunder -250k
Siege of Orgrimmar Full Flex - 50k
Regular Siege of Orgrimmar - 350k
Garrosh : Ahead of the Curve - 200k
Glory to the Orgrimmar Raider - 175k

(Get in touch with Zømbïè for scheduling)

Feel free to apply and join in on the adventure!

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Forgotten Kings: About Us

by Zgars, 1119 days ago

Forgotten Kings is a quickly growing multi-gaming community that originated as a World of Warcraft guild. Lead by a close-knit group of friends, we're always looking for members to join us in the fun. More and more games are added to the list as we grow, although currently we are focused on three games:

World of Warcraft - Illidan (Forgotten Kings Guild): After taking a break from raiding, Forgotten Kings is looking to get back into the game and are prepared to go hard, if you are interested in some information or in applying to the WoW guild, message Zgar(Illidan, Zgar#1422) or Zombie about it, as we are always looking for new faces willing to dedicate themselves to raiding.


Diablo III - American Server (Forgotten Kings Clan: King): The moment clans were released, it was apparent that we had to take advantage of the moment and grow Forgotten Kings on a multi-gaming level. Filled with many dedicated, high-paragon leveled members, Forgotten Kings works to have fun as a clan and generally climb in levels. The clan is made up of many helpful members who, as long as they aren't abused, are always willing to jump in your game to have some fun. As a clan that is growing quickly, spots are very limited, so take the chance to become a King and apply!


League of Legends - US Server: Many members in the community are regular LoL players who are almost always up for a game, whether it be ARAM, Ranked, Threes, or even Dominion. With many experienced players who have been playing since Season 1, our League Community is slowly growing into one to be reckoned with. If you are interested in playing a game or two, feel free to post on the forums or join up on vent!


We aren't just limited to the games above, but those are the main games played throughout a community, if you have a game that you enjoy, mention it to the clan members and spread the FK Playerbase.



IP -

Port - 21135

Password - Fkwins11

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by xz0mb13x, 1213 days ago

Forgotten Kings is a heroic progression based raiding guild looking for raiders to fill core spots in our heroic progression group. Our members branch from Vanilla Raiders to more recent raiders but all have the experience and will needed to progress through heroics. On our first week of Heroic SoO, we managed to push 4/14 heroic bosses out of the way without any trouble. We are currently in need of Tanks and Dps with the occasional healer offspec. We have knocked Glory of the Orgrimar Raider(SoO Meta Achievement) out of the way within the first month of raiding, and sell carries where everyone who participates gets a cut of the gold, as well as selling flex and boss kill carries.

-=Raid Times=-
Tues: 6:30PM - 10:30PM
Wed: 6:30PM -10:30PM
Thurs: 6:30PM - 10:30PM
Occasionally: Friday, Saturday, Monday

-=Carry Nights=-

Zombie(Zombie#1729) - Guild Leader
Zgar (Zgar#1422) -Council
Mewzie(Mewz#1797) - Council

-=Current Needs=-
Death Knight: Frost/Unholy - Low ; Blood - High
Druid: Boomkin - Medium ; Feral - Medium ; Resto - Medium ; Guardian - High
Hunter: All Specs - Low
Mage: All Specs - Low
Monk: WW - Medium ; MW - Medium ; BM - High
Paladin: Ret - Medium ; Holy - Low ; Prot - High
Priest: All Specs - Low
Rogue: All Specs - Low
Shaman: All Specs - Medium
Warlock: All Specs - High
Warrior: All Specs - Low

If you are interested in joining our raid group an are looking for a place to call home, feel free to post here, message one of the previously listed officers in game, or check out our website at:

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Week 1 of Heroics:

by xz0mb13x, 1237 days ago

This was week 1 of heroic attempts!

It wasn't because we haven't been capable of switching it over and dominating , but because we wanted to get things situated for 25.

Just to give it a shot we cranked out 3 our first week!



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Naga Mouse Lottery!

by xz0mb13x, 1245 days ago

Im going to start doing a monthly raffle/lottery .

How it works:

-Buy ins will be 5k per buy in

-Every buy in puts your name into a hat 1 time per buy in

-At the end of each cycle I will draw 1  name from the hat

-Winner receives prize.

This first months prize is a Razor Naga 17 button gaming mouse!

Accepting buy ins Nov 1st - Nov 14th



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Glory to the Orgrimaar Raider

by xz0mb13x, 1256 days ago

Glory to the Orgrimmar Raider? More like Glory to the Easymode.

We smoked that shit!

Flawless victory guys!

We will be adding this to our carry service list

as we've been beasting it out for so many guildies!

Excellent work and enjoy your mounts guys!

Glory to the Orgrimaar Raider

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New members - New mounts for them!

by xz0mb13x, 1258 days ago

Good Work Trials!


We got FLOODED with new trials. MANY did not make the cut, However a great handful of you were amazing and were happy to make you an addition to our core! Some of you even got your 1st Reg Mode Garrosh kill!


We will continue filling in our few odds and ends needed for a full guild conversion to 25.


A HIGH priority for melee and experienced ranged dps. As well as a HIGH demand for a Holy Pally and a MW Monk, However the right player will fit the role nicely to our heal core.


New core tryouts will be hosted Saturday at 3:00 server time. Be on to help carry and check out the fresh meat!



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25 raiders are better than 10.

by xz0mb13x, 1262 days ago

Its official we are going 25 man. 

Our strategy to accomplish this from being a 10 man guild without slowing down the overall progression is to form a 2nd core.

This will be lead be Deadraught with Co Captains Joz and Nasc.

Team 2's goal is to fill new trials in, test them and push 14/14 with core of consistent players with extraordinary mechanics and awareness. When this is achieved we will be merging as 20 players and will be recruiting a few odds and ends to trial for the last 5 seats.

  • The reasons the officer core feels Forgotten Kings is best a 25 man raid team are the following:
  • More players available for top end content.
  • 25 man raids have MANY perks such as more gear, more cool downs and more great minds to conquer or foes.
  • Easier carry services.
  • More income.
  • More fun.

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Forgotten Kings > Garrosh

by xz0mb13x, 1268 days ago


Forgotten Kings > Garrosh

Hell yeah team! Time to rock our heroics!
Congrats to everyone! Rob, Mewz,Zombie, Rock, Zgar, Deox, Joz, Reaper, Vaatalia and everyone else!


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Guild Recording

by xz0mb13x, 1352 days ago

Going to start recording our Raids, RBGs, and misc.
They will be available on the Youtube channel I make for us.

I may also start streaming. Not sure yet.

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Raiding Updates

by xz0mb13x, 1355 days ago

2 Major updates when it comes to ToT Raiding teams.

Zomibes team as of Tuesday will be going 25 man.

Requirements - 12/12 Reg exp
515+ iLvl

(Before any complaints, I understand some people feel they should be given the benefit of the doubt because they are a server transfer, came back late, etc. I personally don't feel these are legit reasons to not have the experience. Please join / form an alt team or low exp team and progress, then you are welcome into the 25 man core.)

Joz' Team

I wont be going too far into details as I dont want to place any fale information up about his team, However Joz will be leading a weekend core on his Alt. Just because this is a side group does not mean we are lessening our standards of gameplay any less, If you want to be a part of this team you MUST maintain a solid Raid Attendance and be able to be relied on to perform well and research everything on your own that you may need to know. Please get in touch w Joz for more information on how to join.

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